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Tokenized Securities 

QUBIT Blockchain® creators of next generation Fintech space based technology driven investment products announces the launch of the first Digital SPACT (special purpose acquisition companies Token), using smart contracts and blockchain technologies. 

Companies from around the world have the ability to list the following securities and trade them on a global regulated and decentralized crypto exchanges with proprietary jurisdictional blockchain agility.  

  • SPACs into Digital Securities (SPACT).
  • Private Equity into Digital Securities.
  • Equity/Debt into Digital Securities.
  • Venture into Digital Securities.
  • Start-ups into Digital Securities.
  • Real Estate into Digital Securities.
  • Crowdfunding
  • NFT'S

Benefits of Security Token Offering to Investors vs Traditional Path: Security Token Offering

Our decentralized platform allows you to digitize virtually any asset, providing the infrastructure and complete ecosystem required for running your security token offering campaign. In addition, upon your request, we’ll create a digital investment marketplace with a P2P network for investors and a built-in exchange to allow the global trade of securities. STO’s are expected to generate $5 trillion in capital from now through 2025.

  • Fully Compliant in Multi-jurisdictions
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Cost Efficiency (Direct Dealing)
  • Programmable (Smart Contract)
  • Higher Liquidity (Global + 24x7)
  • Quick Settlement Time
  • Transparent & Immutable
  • Quicker Exit (STO Exchange)
  • Access to Public & Private Deals

Building technology accelerates the convergence between decentralized and traditional finance by enabling the simple creation of next-generation financial products, protocols, and value exchange. Thus, disrupting the financial landscape as we know it, opening opportunities for expanding access and making financial applications more accessible and inclusive

Global Financial Revolution

We provide the link for centralized and Decentralized  systems and legacy processes to successfully participate in the future of finance with secure and frictionless technology. New economic transparency and inclusivity that is decentralized that leverage the latest Blockchain. QDeFi infrastructure will play a leading role in the fundamental shift of redefining decentralized finance and markets.

Empowering a decentralized infrastructure

We provide key infrastructure to digitize real assets. So you can use them to buy, sell, trade, borrow or lend instantly, across the world, 24x7. Where Capital Markets Meet Technology. QUBIT Blockchain® creators of next generation space based technology driven investment products

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Our Solutions


QDefi™ provides new technology for securities issuers, including real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms, that need a partner to issue the digital version of their traditional investment offerings and access the right investors as our primary infrastructure.


QDefi™ is solving challenges faced by private markets, including investors to invest in and trade global digital securities offerings. We work with select global issuers that undergo our structured deal selection and due diligence process to ensure the quality of our dealer listings.


QDefi™ developed the digital infrastructure for futuristic fintech, private equity, startups, Equity/debt real estate, and more. In addition, we represent Qubit Blockchain®, qexchange.ai platform, and secondary trading platforms dedicated to digital securities.

Tokenization Summary

Technological advances are constantly transforming the industry of digital securities. Get an edge by adopting them now. 


Why companies need tokenization?
Digital transformation is changing the world around us. We offer modern solutions for business and individuals.

Reach more investors

Tokenization allows you to raise capital from thousands of investors around the world..

Reduce bank dependencies 

Unlike with banks and VCs, you don’t lose control over your business.

Turn customers into investors

Loyal customers can become investors and actively participate in your business growth.

Grow your community

Active community is a valuable asset in today's world of innovations and media.

Access secondary market

Benefit from access secondary market without going to IPO.

Simplify investor management

Manage documents, pay dividends, and conduct voting through a streamlined convenient platform.

Now investors can trade your shares

No brokers are required—no need in the secondary stock exchange. Decentralized swap platforms allow small- caps to be traded with minimal costs. Enjoy being public while staying in a private company

@Shares are being traded via the company's specially created liquidity pool.

@Smart contracts make sure that regulations and limits are embedded and enforced.

@ Reduce costs of making your shares or corporate securities tradable. 

Token shares

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